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My videos

Monologue avec Valise

Prove Rewind

Aquarium Ardent

The website : www.costantinoraimondi.com

Since I remember, when it comes to "creation", I work with Costantino Raimondi. Costa has that in the skin, the Neapolitan, to be "director", to be "dramaturge". I many ideas but above all I am the "interpreter".At the time Marcel Marceau called Costa - "the little Fellini". He entrusted the construction of several scenes of the show "Chapeau Melon". Costa has this innate sense of "sacro e profano" which never leaves the audience indifferent.Of our common work, which includes the most part of the time - theatrical writing, staging and interpretation - several shows are born. Thus our artistic tandem gradually imposed its own style of theater - particular and recognizable - where the word is invented by the corporeal play. And like that for 23 years ...

Radio Tour Eiffel

Videos of our creations

Radio Tour Eiffel (2016)Monologue avec Valise (2008)International Tour (february – november 2014) : Kosovo, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, France, Germany, Check Republique, Roumania, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Djibouti Participation in the Festival d’Avignon july 2014 International Tour (november 2013 - may 2012)Cyprus, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Nigéria, Seychelles Islands, Zambie, AngolaParticipation in the Festival d’Avignon july 2012 France Tour 2011-2012 Participation in the Festival d’Avignon july 2010 Participation in the Napoli Teatro Fringe Festival june 2010 Ier prize at Second Festival for Pantomime and Physical Theater Skopje (Macedonia) 2009 Prove Rewind (2007)Prize for dramaturgy « Girula » Naples (Italia) 2008 Aquarium Ardent (2006)Le Carnaval de Giovanni (1997)Les Couleurs du Voyage (1996)Ier prize in the 21 ème Festival for mimodrama in Belgrade (Serbie) 1996

Full list of our créations with Costa :

This is where Eddy came in, with his perspective and expert opinion. Eddy, or Edouard Dedessus Le Moutier is a gentleman in its truest sense. he’s a man of the circus, an acrobat, a clown. He was born in the circus and has worked there all hs life. His brothers and he, under the name “Les castors” are one of the noble families of international circus’, from father to son...

Others vidéos

Some interviews:

Napoli Teatro Fringe Festivaljuilet 2010 :

Bulgarian National TV / mars 2014 :

Bulgarian National TV / novembre 2013 :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKNcQ-9lM9c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjNw2MOux0U https://vimeo.com/157363466 https://vimeo.com/167653170 https://vimeo.com/137498307 

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